Thursday, 15 December 2011

Other mise en scene research

This is a shot of Labrinth's new music video "Earthquake". We liked that you could only see parts of  his body at times meaning his overall image is slowly revealed; keeping the viewer interested.

We like the mystery of Michael Jackson in his videos with his slowly revealed entrance.
One of his techniques used to achieve this was to open the video with just his feet walking along. A good example of this is "Billie Jean". We were inspired to then open our video with a similar concept.

We wanted to use a lot of close ups to focus on the artist to make it clear who the video was focused on. We saw the effectiveness of this in Missy Eliot's "pass the dutch".

Directors Commenatry

We decided to film our directors commentary evaluation as a conversation to make it look like a interview. We kept this simple so that we could answer all the evaluation questions. We decided to have an introduction of a montage of our music video and made the sound of each clip fall away when the talking begins. We decided to talk about an element of our music video and digipaks and then jump to the clips we are referring to in the answer. We decided to put each question before before each selection so that people know what questions we are answering. We put the questions in white on a photo that we used for our digipak so that it keeps with the theme of the music video.

Magazine Advert Ideas

The idea we had for our magazine advert is to keep it simple but also keep it exciting and not as a single. We decieded to take the minipulated picture of the feet walking and made to darker to fit the theme of the music viideo and also to make it less bright. So that the text does not over power the picture by putting a black box and having the text white but only a few lines of text so that it does not crowd the image. 

Ideas of digipak

We decided to create our digipack as a gate fold as we felt it looked more contemporary and attractive. The concept was to show power, arrogance, attitude and to pretty much sum up the albums genre. In order to do this a strong and striking image was required, we therefore agreed that the black room was where the photo would be taken, effectively there are no background distractions so the center image becomes sharper and is where the eye is automatically drawn . The concept is for me to be sitting in a composed manor as I pull out a cigarette when immediately everyone around lunges in with their lighters "to all light my cigarette". The powerful photo alone was definitely a strong piece but it needed an artistic twist. Upon the manipulation idea we copied the image and layered one above the other and slightly off center. Effectively the image is distorted and abstract, meeting one of our conventions that is "quirky".

Transition Types

Transition effects are used in music videos to cut between scenes to make the video more exciting and dynamic.When we did our rough cut we experimented with different types of transitions, to test which effect would best fit our genre. An example of this is when, at the beginning of the music video, where i'm walking towards the camera in red high tops and a cross dissolve transition fades to red high heels. We also used an affect to make the video pulse with the beat of the song. This was an effect created by us as to do this we had to manually enlarge a still within the music video and cut to the enlargement and back to the original size yet further in time, this was tricky but well worth it.

Digipak conventions

Digipaks are another form of a music album which mainly consists of a Cd with the tracks on. It is usually used for music videos and singles which means that it includes some speacial features such as a music video DVD. It usually appears in a book style. It should include:
  • The name of the arist,
  • The name of the song, 
  • Track listing, 
  • Bonus features such as behind the scenes,
  • Website address, 
  • The branding of the record label,
  • Photos of the band/singer  

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Magazine Advert

This is our magazine advert to promote our album. The aim here was to make it look urban and slightly quirky, to keep a theme going from the initial song and video as they contained these characteristics. We feel we have accomplished the objective through the manipulation of color and the fact this image is a powerful still from our music video means that this will attract the target audience effectively.